About us

Mebatex s.r.o was founded in Brno, Czech Republic, in 1995 by Brugman Maschinenfabrik bn Holland and Brigitte and Guntram Schneider associates.

At first, only simple guiding rollers were produced, the final processing of which was done in the Netherlands parent establishment. Over the course of years, more workplaces were added and modernized in such a range that complete guiding and wringing and special rollers is now produced in Brno. At the same time, construction parts made from stainless steel, such as washing and dyeing boxes and various types of tanks, started to be welded and mounted.

In 2003, Brigitte and Guntram Schneider gained the shares on Brugman Maschinenfabrik. In the following years, the entire machinery was renovated and further expanded. New CNC lathes, belt grinding machines, conventional lathes, straightening presses, balancing machines, etc., were bought.

Next, new products were launched, such as spiral expanders or bow expander rollers.

Currently, Mebatex s.r.o. employs approximately 40 employees and has built up position of a competent and reliable supplier of machines not just for textile industry but also for other sectors.

Production programs

  • Guiding rollers (Stainless steel and normal steel)
  • NIP rollers
  • Coated rollers (rubber, teflon, chrome)
  • Spiral expander rollers
  • Bow expander rollers
  • Washing and dyeing boxes
  • Heating and cooling rollers
  • Calendar and Polishing rollers
  • Tambour rollers
  • Baths and tanks of various types and shapes